I wrote this post on behalf of Flyby Promotions in exchange for the book, Parenting 14 Gospel Principles.  All opinions are my own.

Have you ever felt the pressure from family members, friends or even complete strangers as to how to raise your children the “right” way?  Everyone has their opinion, right?  (I’ve been known to give unsolicited advice in the past).  It’s so easy to forget what our ultimate purpose for parenting is.  Let us not forget that there is no perfect formula that works for every family. Every one of us is unique and so are our children and families.  I once read a blog post on Proverbs 31, that reminded me that I was not meant to raise a good, rule following child.  My purpose was to raise a God following adult.  The book, Parenting – 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family expands on exactly that – raising God following adults.


Paul Tripp, the author of Parenting, gives us a big picture view of what God’s plan for us is as parents.  He outlines 14 foundational principles from the gospel, giving us more than a to-do list on how to raise our children.  But rather how God’s rescuing grace shapes our hearts into how we parent.

My Thoughts On Parenting

This book has been a huge blessing for me in this season of life (raising a toddler and an independent kindergartner).  It’s helped me to change my reactions with my children and to view parenting in a different light.  Am I trying to gain temporary control over my children or am I helping them to be what God wants them to be?  It’s also helped me to brush off other’s negative comments on the way I raise my kids and has reminded me that only God’s judgements matter.  I’m not a perfect parent by any means.  No one is except our heavenly Father.


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