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Month: January 2015

Bring Life And Beauty Back to Your Skin With Amazingly Beautiful {Review and Giveaway}

Disclosure: I wrote this post on behalf of Trusted Health Products and received promotional items to thank me for my time.  All opinions regarding Trusted Health Products and Amazingly Beautiful are my own and were not influenced by other sources.

When I first decided to live a more natural and healthier lifestyle a few years ago, one of the steps I took was slowly switching out my beauty products for more natural ingredients.  I switched out everything one step at a time, including hair care, deodorant, toothpaste, make-up and skin care.

Our skin is the largest organ of our bodies.  So I know that I need to take good care of it.  The cosmetic companies has little regulations when it comes to ingredients in their products which ends up hurting our bodies and compromising our health and safety.  When I choose a skin care product, I try to look for pure live ingredients.

When I was asked to try out Amazingly Beautiful, I couldn’t resist.  The 100% pure live ingredients are the perfect living “foods” my skin cells need.  With two young children, I have a hard time keeping up with a complex skin system.  Amazingly Beautiful simplifies daily skincare needs by combining the functions of cleanser, toner, moisturizer, protector, repairer, blemish controller and age-defying serum.  I use one product in the morning and one in the evening, instead of five to ten products a day.

There are no harsh ingredients in Amazingly Beautiful.  It is free from preservatives, parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic ingredients, fragrances, GMO’s, dyes or additives.  Just pure ingredients that are perfect for any skin type, dry or oily.

I’ve been using Amazingly Beautiful for about a month now and I am very pleased with it.  I love the way it feels, smells and it’s simple application, too!

For a limited time, the manufacturer is willing to offer my readers on FREE bottle.  They said they would love to have my readers try out Amazingly Beautiful A.M. Moisturizer (for women) or The Man A.M. Moisturizer (for men) and agreed to send one bottle FREE if my readers would pay a minimal shipping and handling charge.  This is a one-time only offer!  They also agreed to include two eye-opening reports – The Poisons You Put On Your Face Everyday and Why Your Skin Care Products Have Never Worked: The Truth Revealed.  That’s a total value offer of $40.  Click here to get your free bottle and reports.
Amazingly Beautiful is giving away an Amazingly Beautiful A.M. Moisturizer to 3 blessed readers (no shipping and handling chargers for winners).  This giveaway is open to US residents only.  You – or anyone in your household – may win one bottle of Amazingly Beautiful one time only.  Previous winners, please do not apply.

Stay connected with Trusted Health Products on Facebook.

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Tips From Our First Disney Adventure With Our 4 Year Old

We took Big C to Magic Kingdom for the first time.  And it could not have gone any better.  The weather was perfect, the crowd wasn’t too much and the joy on her face when she got to see Mickey was priceless.

My husband ordered MagicBands for the whole family.  I definitely recommend doing this.  With a MagicBand, you can set up FastPass+ and get on rides quicker, unlock your hotel door and link it to your credit card.  

We headed to Orlando the day before.  We had lunch with Big C’s cousins as we dined with the dinosaurs in Down Town Disney.  Grandma and Pop Pop took Little M home and we headed to the Yacht Club for the night.  When you sleep at a Disney Resort, your parking pass also gives you free parking at Disney.

The next morning, we ate a quick breakfast at McDonald’s and headed to Magic Kingdom.  We made it to the gates just as they opened (a suggestion from a reader and friend).  We packed several snacks for Big C and brought her a stroller.

We hit all our FastPass+ rides first and the lines under 10 minutes in between.  We were able to get in several rides before lunch and before the crowds started rolling in.  We decided to have lunch around 11 when it wasn’t too busy.

We continued with more rides, shows, ice cream and fun!  The one thing Big C was really looking forward to was talking to Mickey Mouse.  She wanted to give him a Mickey Mouse sticker so bad.  It was very sweet to see her excitement when Mickey talked to her, hugged her and accepted her sticker with such gratitude.  Watching my little girl’s dream come true made me tear up.  It definitely was my favorite part of the day.

The longest line we stood in was 35 minutes.  That was for Mickey.  That length of time for her to wait was pushing it.  But we survived!  We headed out of Magic Kingdom around 5 with a balloon and Mickey souvenir.

Do you have any other suggestions to make a Disney trip smooth and enjoyable?

Big Boy at Eleven Months Old

Little M is now 11 months old!  I can’t believe it’s even possible.  I’ve been trying really hard to cherish every little bit of this guy, every step of the way, knowing that he will be my last baby.  But this month has been hard.

We finally moved into our new home.  As if unpacking and finding a place for everything isn’t hard enough, we all (except Big C) came down with a bad cold.  I was afraid for Little M for a while because his cold was so deep in his chest, but the doctor reassured us that it wasn’t in his lungs.

Little M has also been teething like crazy.  He now has 6 teeth with more coming in.  He continues to wake up early every morning.  And I’m wondering if I’ll ever get my sleep back.

He is a funny little guy.  He loves to dance and make sounds.  But is extremely clingy and makes it very hard to get anything done.  This is so opposite of Big C, Miss Independent.

He is weighing in around 20 pounds and continues to eat pretty well.  We are looking forward to transitioning from bottles and formula, to cups and milk.

Though Little M is still behind on gross motor skills, he’s made some great strides this past week or so.  He can’t pull himself up yet, but if I stand him next to furniture, he can slowly cruise it. Sometimes he get up on his hands and knees and rocks.  He isn’t crawling on his hands and knees yet, but sometimes he army crawls.

In a couple of weeks, we will have a therapist come into the home to evaluate him.  I’m praying that Little M qualifies for physical therapy so that he can continue to improve.

Stay tuned, because next month, I’m hosting a giveaway with many of our favorite products that helped us throughout the first year of Little M’s life.  You won’t want to miss it!  Until then, check out Little M’s growth.

Sibling Love

When we first brought Little M home from the hospital, Big C was so excited and proud.  But that excitement quickly went away when Big C realized she wasn’t going to be the only one who was the center of my world.

The first few months, she basically ignored him.  Which I wasn’t totally surprised by because she’s not the baby doll type of girl.  She often took his toys from him because she wanted them for herself. I guess that’s only child syndrome.  But if we were in public and another child got too close to him, she would respond, “no, that’s my baby!”

Despite Big C’s lack of interest towards her brother, Little M has always adored her.  And recently, Big C is starting to show love for her baby brother, too.  She enjoys playing with him, cheering him up when he is crabby and helping mommy out with him.  They have so much fun being goofy together.  Big C is becoming such an awesome big sister and I am looking forward to watching their growing relationship.

What do you love about your children’s relationship?

Personalize It With Bright Star Kids {Review}

Disclosure: I wrote this post on behalf of Bright Star Kids and received promotional items to thank me for my time.  All views and opinions regarding personalized items and Bright Star Kids are my own and were not influenced by other sources.

Making memories and personalizing gifts is important to me.  And it’s great when I can find a company that not only helps me achieve this, but also makes it’s easy.  That’s exactly what Bright Star Kids is all about.  You can personalize your child’s bedroom, wardrobe and so much more with everything Bright Star Kids has to offer.

I created personalized outfits for my children with exactly what I knew they would love.  I chose an owl top for Big C and a rock shirt and matching bib for Little M.  Big C was more then excited when she saw her t-shirt and she asked me if she could wear it everyday.

I don’t blame Big C for wanting to wear her t-shirt everyday.  Not only is it super cute, but extremely soft, too!  And bonus, they are made from organic cotton.

If you are like me and love to personalize, you’ll definitely want to check out Bright Star Kids.  Stay connected with Bright Star Kids on Facebook for all their latest products, updates and deals!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Bright Star Kids. The opinions and text are all mine.

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Nuby Soft Air Infafeeder {Review}

Disclosure: I wrote this post on behalf of Nuby and received a promotional item to thank me for my time.  All views and opinions regarding Nuby and the Soft Air Infafeeder are my own and were not influenced by other sources.

As you probably know by now, Little M loves to eat.  So I knew he would enjoy the Infafeeder.  The SoftFlex Infafeeder offers a fully interchangeable solution with your bottles and can be used to introduce babies to their first foods.

Even though Little M has been eating solids for quite a while now, he still enjoyed the Infafeeder and had no problems using it.  As you can tell from the pictures!

Little M’s food is a bit more chunkier now then a beginning eater.  Though I could still use the Infafeeder with his food, I could see how it would be much easier with a baby starting out on smoother solids.  The SoftFlex bottle allows you to squeeze the right amount of baby food onto the silicone spoon, which is soft for sensitive gums.

You can purchase the same Nuby Infafeeder Little M has from Kohls.com, Kmart, or Ross Dress For Less.  Stay connected with Nuby on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram!

What would you feed your baby in the Infafeeder?

Move In


We finally moved into our new home.  Our belongings were suppose to arrive over a week ago, but things got delayed.  We received our things this past Sunday and I am so relieved to have a home again.

Our house is a mess though.  There is no basement to shove all the stuff we don’t want to see.  Ha! So we are unpacking, purging and finding places for everything.

Little M has an upper respiratory infection along with the start of an ear infection.  And he so kindly shared it with me.  So that’s made unpacking a little more challenging.

But I love my home.  Absolutely love it!  I just feel so good being in it and can’t wait until we have everything in it’s place.  I’m so glad to be home.