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Month: January 2013

Nuby Tear Free Rinse Pail {Review}

Baby C loves bath time!  She would probably stay in there forever, if you let her.  She plays with her teacups and rubber ducks until her toes turn wrinkly.  But the one thing she doesn’t like about the bath, is when it’s time to wash her hair.  She dislikes the water dripping down the front of her face or in her eyes.  So that’s always been a tough battle to fight. 

And then came the most genius bath invention that ever could be . . . the Nuby Tear Free Rinse Pail!  It has totally changed our bath time drama into a peaceful playtime.  Ahhh!  It has a comfortable grip for caregiver, a deep, slender base for easy filling in shallow water and a unique tear-free edge.  The tear-free edge is soft and contoured so it can be gently placed
against your baby’s skin to help prevent water from running into your
baby’s eyes while rinsing their hair.

Once we are done washing Baby C’s hair with the rinse pail, she loves to use it as a bath toy.  This pail is perfect for all ages!  You can purchase the same Tear Free Rinse Pail Baby C has for $5.99 or choose from a variety of other colors.  The Nuby Tear Free Rinse Pail is available at Buybabydirect.com, Cookieskids.com, Amazon.com and K-mart.  You can stay connected and up to date with Nuby on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!  There is always something fun happening! 
Disclaimer:  I received the Nuby Tear Free Rinse Pail in exchange for this review.  All opinions are my own and were not influenced by outside sources. 


Ever since I can remember, Baby C has had a love for books.  Before she could crawl or walk, much of our days were spent reading.  She basically has her own mini library in her bedroom.  It’s hard to tell which is her favorite, because each week she favors a new one.  Even at bedtime, she is snuggled by the nightlight, reading a book.  My little bookworm!

What is your child’s favorite book?

She Wanders

Baby C loves to be surrounded by people.  She screams with excitement when other children are around.  She is outgoing to say the least.  My husband and I always ask each other, where in the world did she get it from?  I wouldn’t call us wallflowers, but neither of us are the center of attention at a party.  But when Baby C walks in a room, people tend to be drawn to her. 

I love that Baby C is easy-going, fun and loves others.  It makes it easy to drop her off in the nursery when we are headed to church.  Or the rare cases that we have a babysitter.  But her outgoing personality also has some drawbacks. 

I can’t let Baby C out of my sight and often have to carry her or hold her hand wherever we go.  She is not afraid to take off and explore the world on her own.  And though I want her to be independent and try things by herself, I always have to have my full attention on her when we are in public. 

A few weeks ago, my husband and I were dropping Baby C off at the nursery before we headed into church service.  There was some confusion because her name tag wouldn’t print from the computer.  My husband was trying to help me out and we took our eyes off of her for literally two seconds and she was gone.  My heart sank and I was in complete panic mode.  Even though we were at church, it’s a huge church with lots of people.  Plus, it was even more crowded because of an event that was taking place.  A few minutes later, we found her already inside the nursery.  She had let herself in.

I can’t imagine the pain and heartache of losing a child, for I felt that just for a couple of minutes and it was something no parent should ever experience.  So, I can understand the perspective better of a protective parent or a helicopter mom.  Because I think I may be one.

Do you have a child who wanders on their own or one that stays by your side?
What are your tips or advice to keeping a wanderer safe?

{Encouraging Healthy} 180 Facebook Party

If you read my blog frequently, you know that I’m an Independent Distributor for Shaklee and you know why I started this business.  I try very hard to spread the word about these healthy and safe products that have not only changed my life, but the lives of so many others.

I’m so excited to invite you to my very first Shaklee 180 Facebook Party.  It will be the best party you ever attended because you get to party in your pj’s!  You also can invite your best friends who want to join you on your health journey, because the more you invite, the better your chances at getting free products.  I will also be giving away prizes to those who actively participate.  You’ll find all the information you need to know below!

You’re invited to take your shape in a whole new direction!
Who: YOU!  And bring along as many friends.  Because the more you invite, the better your chances at getting your products for free!

What: Learn why the Shaklee 180 program is different from any other weight management program.  Hear from real people who have changed their lives with this incredible program.  And learn how to earn free products!  Please know, this is not just for people trying to lose weight, it’s also for those who want to stay lean and healthy!
When: Tuesday, January 29th at 7pm MT.  (Go ahead and request an invite to the group now).  
Who or what inspires you to stay healthy, lean and fit?

You Are {One Thousand Gifts}

Does anyone watch American Idol?  I love this show!  I think it’s the coolest thing to find amazing voices from people who may have never been discovered otherwise.  Last year, there was a guy on the show named Colton Dixon.  He was my favorite and I was so disappointed when he got voted off.  I like him so much because he reminded me of one of my big brothers.  Not that he looked like him, but he has a heart like him.  He treated his little sister (who was also on the show) like a big brother should and he has an amazing heart for Jesus, just like my bro. 

Colton Dixon is now on my favorite christian radio station with the song, You Are.  With his beautiful lyrics that speak to my heart (and even reminds me of my brother/sister relationship) When I can’t find the words to say how much it hurts, You are the healing in my heart.  When all that I can see are broken memories, You are the light that’s in the dark.  You are the song, You are the song I’m singing.  You are the air, You are the air I breathe in.  You are the hope, You are the hope I’m needing.  You are.

What is your favorite song that speaks to your heart?
Continuing the Joy Dare by counting my One Thousand Gifts.
280 Seeing a friend out and about
281 Baby C making funny faces in the mirror
283 Play dates
284 Homemade banana bread
285 God’s guidance and perfect timing
286 Ideas
287 Ibuprofen
288 Baby C’s pet fish


Nuby Insulated Cool Sipper {Review}

It has always been a challenge for Baby C  when it comes to feeding and drinking.  Whether it’s breastfeeding, finding the right bottle or sippy cup, to trying to drink out of a big girl cup.  Though I know she will get it with a little time, practice and patience from mommy, it always helps to have tricks or transitions up my sleeve cupboard.  And that’s just what the Insulated Sipper from Nuby is!  It’s a great transition from sippy to big girl cup. 

The Nuby No-Spill Insulated Cool Sipper is easy to use.  The spout is perfect for toddlers who are transitioning just like Baby C.  It’s also a great sipper for toddlers who have new and sharp teeth popping through.  It fits perfectly inside our diaper bag when we are on the go.  And Baby C loves the ballerina design.
We took our new sippy with us as we headed out the door to IKEA this week.  After dinner, Baby C didn’t want to let go of her new sippy cup.  So she shopped with her sippy, testing out all the furniture in sight.  And by the time we got to the register, her left over milk was still cold.  A couple other little perks that I love about this sippy, is that it’s so easy to clean and it has a spot where you can write your child’s  name on it.  That’s always great for day care or nursery time.
You can purchase the same sippy Baby C has for $3.49 or choose from an assortment of other designs.  The Nuby No Spill Insulated Cool Sipper is available at a variety of locations, both in store and online, at BuyBabyDirect.com, Amazon.com, Diapers.com, K-Mart, Buy Buy Baby, Babies R Us, Target and Wal-Mart.  Be sure to stay connected with Nuby on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!
Do you love Nuby products just as much as we do?  Be sure to check out their  Facebook page this weekend for a chance to win a Nuby Comfort Pacifer!  Click on the image below to enter!
Disclaimer:  I received an Insulated Cool Sipper from Nuby in exchange for this review.  All opinions are my own and were not influenced by any outside sources. 

The Baby Steps Continue


Welcome to the January 2013 Natural Living Blog Carnival: Green Confessions.

This post was written for inclusion in the monthly Natural Living Blog Carnival hosted by Happy Mothering and The Pistachio Project through the Green Moms Network. This month our members have written posts about areas of their life where they aren’t as “green” as they may want to be.


Baby C’s baby steps have grown leaps and bounds, literally.  But what happened to the baby steps that I committed to taking last year?  Just like Baby C, I fell down . . . a lot.  But in more ways than one, she has been my cheerleader this past year.

This past year, I decided to take baby steps in making healthy changes for my family, both physically and spiritually.  Did I succeed?  Well, kind of.  But I still have a ways to go.  My house no longer contains cleaning products with harsh chemicals.  We switched out many of our conventional foods to organic and we are always consistent about taking the best vitamins and nutritional supplements.

Where have a fallen down this year?  Spiritually, we stopped going to church for a while.  We moved a couple of times, and I didn’t want to find a church home, only to leave it once again.  I am happy to announce that we have found a church that we really like and hope this will become our home.  At this point, I no longer feel homeless.  Another area I slipped was exercise.  This has been a challenge my whole life, even though without it, I don’t feel so well.  And last, but not least, I confess that I have stumbled over making healthy, fresh dinners for my family.

I dislike grocery shopping and I’m not a good cook.  So, I often end up buying packaged meals when it comes to dinnertime.  I know this is unhealthy and its not what I want for my family.  So, I reached out to my Green Moms Network for help.  They shared with me their favorite fresh and healthy, home cooked meals to share with you!

So here it is, a little mini cookbook from moms of the Green Moms Network.  First up, Judie from Colorful Canary!  I don’t even own a muffin pan, (I told you I hated to cook) but I’m out the door to get one with this yummy muffin recipe that is great for breakfast, lunch or any other time of day.

Next up is Nicole, from Some Call It Natural, who has lots of great recipes to share.  I’m looking forward to trying out her Taco Wraps.  What a clever idea to swap out the shell and use actual lettuce for the wrap!

If you want to try fresh veggies like you’ve never tried before, check out Becky’s Roasted Veggies from Purposeful Homemaking.  Simple, easy and it just might last our little family for the whole week!

Our family loves chicken, so when I saw this Simple Lemon Roast Chicken recipe from Annie at Montana Solar Creations, I knew I had to share.  She even shows you how to use it with a dutch oven.  Now that’s taking cooking to a whole new level for me. 

Any vegetarians out there?  This one is for you from Jennifer at Kid of God.  She created an Easy Vegetarian Bean and Cheese Lasagna Roll Up.  I think even us meat eaters would enjoy this!

Are you looking for a recipe that even your toddler will eat?  Look no further and best of all, its a crock pot meal!  Thank you, Charise from I Thought I Knew Mama for sharing your Toddler Friendly Crock Pot Recipe!  I need to test this one out on Baby C.

And last but not least, for all you mushroom lovers, Sarah from Nature’s Nurture, has the perfect recipe for you – Creamy Asparagus and Mushroom Pasta.  This one may be a good one for my husband!

So even though I have slipped, stumbled and flat out fell on my behind, even when taking baby steps, I know I can get back up and carry on.

What are some green or healthy changes you are making this year?

Visit Happy Mothering and The Pistachio Project to learn more about participating in next month’s Natural Living Blog Carnival!

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{Encouraging Healthy} Smoothees and Giveaway

Whether you are trying to lose 5 or 10 plus pounds or just trying to stay lean and healthy, it’s not always easy or fun.  There were times I just wanted a quick fix or didn’t see results right away, so I gave up.  I’ve gone up and down with my weight pretty much my whole life for different reasons.  Sometimes it was stress related and one time just trying to lose the extra baby weight.  

As you can see from the photo collage above, my weight has fluctuated for years.  But for about a year now, I’ve been able to completely stop “dieting” because I have found a healthy way to live and gained more energy to keep up with my fast growing toddler.

The Smoothees from Shaklee 180, formally know as Cinch, has been one of the greatest changes in my eating lifestyle.  I start out every morning with a Smoothee and change it up everyday.  There are so many fun recipes to explore with, that I never get bored.

What’s so special about Shaklee 180 Smoothees and what makes it different from other shakes out there?  Shaklee 180 Smoothees are a quick and healthy answer to, “what’s for breakfast?” or “what’s for lunch?”  They are a great-tasting, nutritious way to help retain that all-important muscle and keep you feeling full and satisfied while you lose weight.  Shaklee’s proprietary formula is Powered by Leucine, the amino acid that signals the body to preserve muscle during weight loss.  In other words, the leucine in these Smoothees helps you keep muscle so you lose fat.  They come in four delicious flavors, including vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and cafe latte.

What benefits does Shaklee’s Smoothees provide?

  • 24 grams of hunger fighting protein
  • 6 grams of fiber
  • Powered by Leucine 
  • 23 vitamins and minerals
  • Non-GMO soy protein
  • Low glycemic. GI Value: 31
  • No artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives added
  • Gluten free, lactose free

Protein is not just for bodybuilders and athletes – it is essential to everyone!  The word protein means ‘of first importance’.  Next to water, protein is the most abundant substance in the body.  Protein molecules (which consists of a number of amino acids linked together) are the basic building blocks for everything in the body – bones, muscles, organs, blood, arteries, hormones, tissues, antibodies (bacteria/disease fighters), enzymes, digestive substances, skin, nails, hair, blood cells, etc.  Adequate daily intake of high quality, balanced, complete protein is essential to facilitate the growth, repair and healing of any and all body parts and functions.  

These awesome Smoothees are part of the Shaklee 180 program to help you lose weight or stay lean and healthy.  This is a great program which allows you to get your products for free, just by finding 3 people to join you on your healthy journey!  Encouraging Healthy is excited to be giving away a Smoothee Sample plus recipes to 3 blessed readers.  Simply fill out the Rafflecopter form below to enter.  There are no mandatory entries, however, the more you complete, the better your chances at winning.

Stay connected with Encouraging Healthy for great deals, healthy tips, recipes and more, by following them on Facebook and Twitter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

#ThrowbackThursday Who Does She Look Like?

Welcome to #ThrowbackThursday, where on the second Thursday of the month, we throw it back just for fun!  This week, we are settling the battle once and for all.  Who does Baby C really look like?  Some people say she looks just like her mommy, while others are sure she gets her cuteness from daddy.  Well, you be the judge. 

Mommy, Baby C and Daddy around 4 or 5 months old.
Is Baby C a mommy’s girl or a daddy’s girl?
Thank you for joining me this week with #ThrowbackThursday.  Now it’s
your turn, link up below with your #ThrowbackThursday post or share one
in the comment section below.  Visit the other blogs that have linked up
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{Encouraging Healthy} Remedies for Fifths Disease

Oh my goodness!  Baby C gets the weirdest diseases.  Or maybe they are normal and I am just now hearing about them because I’m a mom now.  This past summer she had Hand Foot Mouth Disease and she just recently recovered from Fifths Disease.

She woke up the other morning with this crazy rash covering her arms, legs and cheeks.  I started to cry and wipe away the tears faster then Baby C could see.  My heart sank, because one of the symptoms of meningitis is a skin rash and I thought her meningitis was returning. 

My husband, being the normal and calm one in the family, told me not to freak out.  He had severe itching the week before and he figured he passed it on to Baby C.  I left a message with the nurse and in the mean time, Googled rash on toddlers arms and legs.  Holy cow!  Do you know how many different kinds of rashes there are out there?  I finally found one that described Baby C’s perfectly and it described the symptoms in adults like my husband’s.  Once the nurse called back, she confirmed it.  Aw!  What a relief.

So what did I do to help Baby C feel better?  Well, first I popped her in the bathtub, because while I was leaving a message with the nurse, she pooped her pants and stuck her hand down her diaper.  Oh my, the chaos always comes all at once, doesn’t it?  After her bath, I covered her in coconut oil to help with the itchiness.  I love coconut oil and all it’s benefits.  {Be sure to check out the links at the bottom of the post to learn about the awesomeness of coconut oil}.  It was perfect for Baby C and her Fifths Disease because not only did it help with the itching it also has antiviral properties in it!

I  had just read the following in one of my favorite books, Why Do I Feel This Way, The gut lining houses over half the immune system and half the detoxification system.  Therefore, if the gut isn’t perfectly healthy, you are at a standstill in terms of healing any other condition regardless of how remotely unconnected to the gut it may appear.  I knew I needed to help Baby C feel better.  For the next two weeks, I put our family on supplement regimen that included prebiotics and probiotics to help clear out our systems.  Daddy and Baby C are happy and healthy now!

And as I promised from above, here are some great posts from others who share just some of the benefits of coconut oil.  I hope you learn to love it just as much as me:

  1. Ten Ways To Use Coconut Oil This Summer
  2. Works For Me Wednesday
  3. Clean Your Face Naturally 
  4. Getting To Know Real Ingredients: Coconut Oil

P.S. You can vote for Baby C in the Nuby Fresh Contest or enter your own child by clicking on the photo below.


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