Sweet Tiny Blessings

Year: 2013

What’s In Your Prenatal Vitamin?

There has been a lot of negative media lately surrounding the use of vitamins and supplements.  Many of it saying vitamins don’t work and can actually cause more harm.  To some extent, that is very true. There are so many brands of vitamins out there, that it can be very confusing.  I believe it’s so important to find a natural, not synthetic, vitamin to fill your nutrition gaps.

I look at it this way.  What is going to nurture my body?  A McDonald’s hamburger which can be left out for years and never decay.  Or a homemade meal filled with organic and natural ingredients?  If I fill my body with crappy food, I’m going to feel crappy.  The same is true with vitamins and supplements.

So, I decided to do a little experiment.  In no way, shape or form am I a scientist.  So this is not to be viewed as a real scientific experiment.  I just wanted to show the difference between what real and fake vitamins look like.  And why those synthetic vitamins will probably harm your health.

Step 1:
Here are the prenatal sample vitamins I received at my OBGYN.

This is what I take:

Step 2:
I filled two cups with water.  I put one of each vitamin in it’s separate cup and let it dissolve.

Step 3:
After about 10 minutes the sample vitamin’s coating dissolved, but after that, nothing else dissolved. After an hour, it was still hard as a rock and the inside looked like this (left).  That grossed me out! And I was a bit disappointed my doctor would give me them.  After I placed my vitamin in water, within 10 minutes, it was completely dissolved and looked like this (right).

And here is what the water looked like after my experiment.  If you could smell the two cups, you would gag on the Nestabs water.

Such a difference, right?  My first pregnancy I took a synthetic, over-the-counter, vitamin that probably didn’t help at all.  I’m so happy I found a real vitamin that I can trust to meet my needs and the needs of my little blessing.  I’ve been using Shaklee for almost 3 years and love it!  If you would like to try them, you can visit my site at EncouragingHealthy.MyShaklee.com.

Have you ever dissolved your vitamins in water to see what would happen?  What were your results?

Third Trimester Update

I can’t believe I’m now at my third trimester.  The first trimester seemed to drag on way too long.  And the second, went way too fast.


This trimester, I’m feeling exhausted and uncomfortable.  My back, hips, knees and legs are usually not feeling good.  And my belly always feels so tight.  I took a trip to the chiropractor today, and feel better already.

We had a follow up appointment with the specialist yesterday.  We received a little more info and answers to what is going on.  As I said before, there was scar tissue found on my uterus.  This is fusing part of my uterus together and our baby boy’s head is on one side of it.  That means he is not utilizing the whole uterus and his head is on the opposite side of the cervix.

If baby boy is unable to move from this position by 35 weeks, a c-section will have to be scheduled for 39 weeks.  Of course I want this baby to come into the world as natural as possible, but I also want him to be safe and healthy.  I’m hoping the chiropractor will help.

Baby boy’s kidneys are measuring about the same.  If there is no improvement by week 35, we will be referred to Children’s Hospital to prepare us for what to expect once he is born.  Both our doctor and specialist are not worried and feel if it does not resolve itself by birth, then usually by age 5.

I appreciate all your prayers so far and it would mean so much to our family if you continued to pray for our little man and that we trust in the Lord’s plan.

Baby Jesus And Christmas Traditions

I hope you all had a very blessed Christmas this year.  I know sometimes this can be a hard time of year for those who have lost family or aren’t near them.  Usually, it kind of makes me sad to be so far from family.  But this year, I felt such at peace and very relaxed.  I would have loved to have family around, but I was okay that they weren’t here.

I also learned about many other traditions that families do each year.  The only consistent tradition we have is picking out a real tree at a tree farm.  As Baby C and the new baby get older, I’m sure they will have fun being more involved in this tradition.

Baby C could recognize Santa, but she had no idea that he brings her gifts for Christmas.  We focused a lot on that Christmas means we celebrate Baby Jesus’ birthday.  With that being said, she thought we were going to have a party for Baby Jesus, eat cake and give Him presents.  She kept saying, “I want to see Baby Jesus.”  I had to remind her several times that Jesus is in our hearts so we can only see pictures of Him.  Such a tough concept at this age.

I did learn some great traditions that others do in their family and I want to incorporate them into our family Christmas traditions next year.  The first one is to have an actual party for Jesus with homemade birthday cake and give him the gift of The Sparkle Box.  The second tradition I want to include next year is using The Truth in the Tinsel Advent Curriculum.

Baby C will definitely have a better understanding next year that Jesus represents the true meaning of Christmas, while Santa represents a more magical and playful side.

Do you have any new traditions to add in next Christmas?

Pish Posh Has Teamed Up With Jane

I wrote this post on behalf of PishPoshBaby and received compensation to thank me for my time.  All views and opinions regarding PishPoshBaby and Jane USA are my own and were not influenced by outside sources.

Since 1932, Jane has been one of the leaders in manufacturing safety products for children in European countries.  And now, they are joining forces with PishPoshBaby in the USA!  You can check out their strollers and accessories, including the Jane Nest Plus Footmuffs.

Photo provided by PishPoshBaby

This is perfect for those winter babies!  The flap is completely detachable and the footmuffs have different ways of fastening to the stroller.  The length can easily be shortened.  And this product fits all strollers.  Looks warm and cozy to me!

What are your must haves for winter babies?

A Crazy, Emotinal and Scary Prenatal Appointment {26 Weeks Pregnant}

I thought yesterday would be a normal, routine doctor visit with additional glucose testing.  I wasn’t expecting a crazy, emotional and scary day.  Though everything turned out to be okay, I wish the results were better.  It’s definitely time to trust in the Lord with all my heart.

Over the weekend, I experienced some spotting.  The doctor on call felt like it wasn’t an emergency and just told me to rest and talk to my doctor at my next appointment.  At this appointment, there was a small trace of protein found in my urine, a sign of Pre-Eclampsia.  Though everything else seemed normal, the nurse practitioner had me receive an ultrasound.

The ultrasound revealed that my cervix was measuring at 2.0.  Normally, they like to see at least a 2.5 at 26 weeks.  I was ordered to be put on bed rest right away and was sent to a specialist.  I was so scared and overwhelmed with so many emotions and thoughts.  Who would take care of my daughter?  Who would cook dinner, do laundry and grocery shopping?  How could I put my life on hold, but take the best care of this growing baby?  

Through the tears, I took a deep breath and prayed to God for healing and guidance.  And most of all, to keep my baby boy safe.

The specialist ultrasound revealed something very different.  My cervix measured at 2.8, which is normal.  They also checked on the baby’s ureters because of previous enlargement.  Though they looked larger, they were done at a different angle, so the specialist feels they are about the same and there is nothing to worry about.

But the one thing that was found, that may or may not be worrisome, is scar tissue on my uterus from my infection after Baby C was born.  The specialist said this could be a good thing because it could prevent early delivery, but it might prevent me from having a vaginal birth (which I really want).

I’m relieved that I don’t have to be on bed rest (and so is my husband).  But this appointment made me realize that anything can happen at any time.  I’m praying for God to protect this baby and give me peace in the process, however things may turn out.

So, after 4 ultrasounds done in one day, I got to see this baby boy hiding his face from the camera. He is big and he is a mover!

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to Him and He will direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6

Baby Jogger Blowout {Deals}

I wrote this post on behalf of PishPosh Baby and received compensation to thank me for my time. All view s and opinions regarding PishPosh Baby are my own and were not influenced by outside sources.

With our new baby on the way, I’ve been making a list of things we’ll need.  I love it when I can cross something off my list because I found a great deal.  PishPosh Baby is having a year-end clearance sale on several baby joggers where you can save up to 35%.

One of my favorite strollers is the City Mini Double  because for one, it fits two!  I like that it’s compact, lightweight and fits through doorways easily.  The design of the stroller is my style too.

This stroller comes in 3 different colors including red, black and green.  It has been designed perfectly for mom and baby in mind, keeping it comfy for kids and easy to maneuver for mom (or dad).  Don’t worry, if this one isn’t your style, there are so many others on sale that you can check out.  I’m sure there is one that will fit your needs.
What is your must-have item when you have more then one child?

The College Years, Textbooks and Smiles

I wrote this post on behalf of CampusBookRentals.com and received compensation to thank me for my time.  All views and opinions regarding CampusBookRentals.com are my own and were not influenced by outside sources.

When I look back at my college years, I have so many great memories with this group of christian women.

They were friends, jokers, care givers, supporters, helpers and so much more.  We weren’t a group of crazy partiers, but we always created fun together.  We enjoyed dancing at clubs, late night Steak N’ Shake runs in our pajamas and just hanging out in our dorm playing games.

Some of the memories I didn’t enjoy about college were semester exams, move-out day and buying text books.  It was so frustrating to pay $100 dollars for a book and only receive 5 bucks when trying to sell it back.

Now there’s a great program for college-goers where they can rent their textbooks.  Some of the perks include saving 40 – 90% off of bookstore prices, free shipping both ways, highlighting directly in the book, flexible renting periods and each textbook rented gives a donation to Operation Smile, an international children’s medical charity that heals children’s smiles, forever changing their lives.

Another great option is the Rentback program that allows students to rent the textbooks they own. This helps students make 2 – 4 times more money compared to what they’d make through buyback options.  If you, or someone you know, is attending college.  Don’t waste anymore money on buyback options at your campus book store.  Check out CampusBookRentals.com!

What were your favorite or least favorite memories of your college years?

Easy, Healthy And Yummy Fruit Dip {Recipe}

I try to each as much fruit as I can throughout the day.  I add it to my morning smoothie, a side for lunch and either for a snack or dessert.  I like to spice it up a bit with dips, trying to avoid sugar and lactose.  Here is my easy, healthy and yummy fruit dip that I created for Baby C’s Veggie Tale birthday party.

Photo provided by freedigitalphotos.net


6 oz. Soy or Lactose Free Yogurt (or Greek Yogurt)
1 Tablespoon Sunflower Butter (or peanut butter)
1/2 Tablespoon Honey
Cinnamon (as much or as little as you would like)

Just mix all the ingredients together, chill or serve right away.  I doubled the recipe for the party.

What is your favorite way to get your fruits each day?

A Veggie Tales Birthday

Did you hear the big news?  Baby C turned 3 years old yesterday and we celebrated with a Veggie Tales birthday party.  This is the first year we would be away from family for Baby C’s birthday, so I wasn’t sure I was going to throw a party.  I was thinking maybe I would just take her and a friend somewhere special.  But then Britni, from Play. Party. Pin gave me some great ideas that inspired me.

I know parties are suppose to be creative, fun and full of sugar.  That’s just not me. Okay, I like sugar, but I don’t like Baby C to have much.  So, in this post you’ll find simple and hopefully fun ideas, with a little sugar on top.

Invites: I found these creative and custom invitations at Pikorettas Crew for just a dollar each.  Since Baby C was inviting 3 of her closest girl friends and I had to make a minimum order of $10.00, added in custom thank you cards, as well.

Food: I kept it simple.  Veggie and Fruit Tray with dips (check out my healthy fruit dip here), chips and salsa, crackers and cheese, sandwich tray from Jimmy John’s for the adults and “God Loves You Very Much” PBJ sandwiches for the girls.

Decor: Once again, I kept it simple.  I had tablecloths, cups, plates and napkins in the Veggie Tales colors.  We also blew up several balloons which doubled as fun.

Entertainment:  We painted ceramic planting pots.  My original thought was to buy tomato and cucumber seeds for each child to take home with their painted pot.  However, since it’s December, I couldn’t find the seeds anywhere.

After we painted our planting pots, we played Pin the Nose on Bob, which also doubled as decoration.  Bob was so easy to make, even I could do it.  I just used red cardboard and white, green and red construction paper.  As well as a black Sharpie to color in the eyes.  Then I glued all the pieces on.
Sweet Treats:  Instead of a cake, I created cupcakes with green and red sprinkles.  I added a Veggie Tale ring to the top of each of the girl’s cupcakes.  We also had vanilla ice cream on the side.
Party Favors:  I ordered this awesome party pack from the Veggie Tales store.  When I purchased, everything was 40% off and free shipping.  We used the cups at the party, the rings for the cupcakes, and everything else went inside the goodie bag to take home.
There were so many other fun ideas that I pinned onto my Veggie Tales Pinterest Board, but I just couldn’t do them all.  Baby C had a great time with her friends and was showered with so many thoughtful gifts that fit her personality perfectly.
Happy 3rd birthday to my Sweet Tiny Blessing, Baby C!  Mommy loves you so much!

My Birthday Girl

My sweet, precious angel turned 3 years old today.  I’ve been looking back at pictures and can’t believe how much she has grown and changed.  I’m in love with her more everyday and so thankful God created such a funny and outgoing, little girl.  But she’ll always be my baby.

Melanie, from Sunshine Praises creates a birthday questionnaire with her kiddos every year.  So I used her idea and asked Baby C the same questions.  Baby C didn’t understand some of the questions, so I created the below picture with the answers that made sense.  I used this post to help me.

We celebrated her birthday with a fun and simple Veggie Tales party, this morning.  I’ll be sure to share all the details soon!

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