I love watching Baby C as she learns to walk.  It is such an awesome process to witness.  She started out crawling, then cruising furniture and now taking those brave baby steps.  She cautiously lifts one foot up and back down in front of the other.  Sometimes she takes lots of steps at once and other times she falls down.  I cheerfully clap my hands either way, because I’m such a proud mommy.

As the new year rolls in, many of us are taking steps to change our lives.  Whether we’re taking baby steps or full out running a marathon, our lives are going to change.  Just like Baby C, we might fall down, but as long as we have someone to cheer us on, we’ll succeed.

This year, I want to create a healthier home for my family, both spiritually and physically.  I’m going to pray about everything and worry about nothing.  I’m going to trade out all the harmful products in my home, with safe and healthy ones.  I’m going to eat healthy and stay active.  And I’m going to take baby steps in doing it.  I would love to share my journey along the way, if you’ll join me.

What are the changes you are making in your life?  Are they baby steps or are you running a marathon?  

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3 Comments on Baby Steps

  1. ~The Bargain Babe
    January 5, 2012 at 4:07 am (5 years ago)

    First, you have a beautiful blog. Your header, the colors of red and turquoise, gorgeous.

    Second, yes watching a little one start to walk is fantastic! My youngest right now is 18 mos and it is just so fun to watch all the firsts!

    Third, I'm running a marathon! Right before christmas I did a blog series on Drawing the Line. Stopping my own consumerism and making purchases that I can feel good about.
    I'm also making a goal for the year to increase our charitable giving. We give, but I feel a real conviction to give SACRIFICIALLY, you know? Give till it hurts. Actually have to go without something (like my McDonalds tea) so that another can have basic necessities.

    And finally, I'm stopping by from Blogelina's Class Members linky list…I'm in class with you. 🙂


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