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Month: October 2011

Kids Are Funny Friday {Week 5}

Most children have a security blanket or favorite teddy bear.  Baby C’s security item is a rubber duck.
 That explains the dream of giving birth to a rubber duck when I was pregnant with Baby C.

My Baby Has Food Allergies

Baby C had scrambled eggs for the first time, about a week ago.  Instantly, she broke out in hives, her nose started running and she was itching her eyes.  The tears started to come with it.  Quickly, we removed the eggs and washed her up.  Within 10 – 15 minutes, the hives disappeared and she was back to my playful and happy, baby girl.

Baby C attended the pediatrician’s office today for her routine booster, flu shot.  Due to the egg allergy, she was monitored for a half hour.  Thankfully, she had no reaction.  But Baby C now has to carry an EpiPen and Benadryl.  She also needs to be seen by an allergy specialist.

I’m not really sure what to expect when we visit the Allergist.  Has your child ever been affected by food allergies?  Any suggestions for a new mommy?

Blog Makeover Giveaway

Do you have a blog in need of a fresh look or a complete makeover?  You’ve come to the right place.  Nikki, from Delightful Designs, is graciously giving away a blog makeover to one of my readers!

Nikki is a 20 something wife and mommy to her 2 pups, Buddy and Scout.  She worked as a Creative Director for a small publication company before leaving her job and starting her own business.  Delightful Designs specializes in custom graphics and paper products, such as, stationary and invitations.  Nikki enjoys helping others with their graphic needs – from print ads to custom blog designs to personalized party invitations and decorations.  Nikki’s dream is to grow her business and make Delightful Designs her full time and only job some day.

Delightful Designs personalized cards just for me!  I wanted something modern, but cute.  And colors that match my Baby C’s 1st birthday theme so that I could use them as thank you cards.  They turned out perfect and just the way I wanted!

Connect with Delightful Designs:
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The Simple Things {Week 5}

I absolutely love Autumn!  Who doesn’t?  It’s the perfect season.  Not too hot and not too cold.  And the colors are amazing.  It’s the best season to spend in the outdoors.  From picking out your own pumpkin and cutting it off the vine . . .

. . . to carving your pumpkin and playing in the fall leaves!


Each Sunday, I link up with Rebecca from Simple As That, for the Simple Things Photo Challenge.
Come join the fun by capturing a moment that is simple and makes you smile!

The General Store Boutique Review and Giveaway

It is my pleasure to introduce to you, my next sponsor, Kendra, from The General Store Boutique!

Kendra is a part-time legal assistant, wife and mother to her two year old little boy.  She has a passion for bringing fabrics to life.  Her inspiration for her creations comes from her need to make useful, as well as, decorative items that can be enjoyed.  She loves to see fabrics come together and compliment each other.
Kendra’s shop is a combination of many items that will appeal to everyone.  Just like a general store, you will find something you love.  Whether you are young or old, male or female, you’ll be sure to find something that fits your needs.

The General Store Boutique gifted me with a beautiful dish towel that I desperately needed.  Mine are constantly falling on the floor (or Baby C is pulling them down).  This awesome dish towel buttons on to my oven door.  This is is so practical and convenient!

 The General Store Boutique also creates for special causes.  These causes include Animal Rescue and Foster Children. Kendra is offering my readers a special 10% discount during the months of November and December, with the code “Flex10”.

The General Store Boutique is giving away 2 cup sleeves of winner’s choice.  These reversible, slip-on cup sleeves save your hands from burning or freezing.  They fit most paper coffee cups and smaller cold drink cups.  Head on over to The General Store Boutique to check out all the different styles!
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Kids are Funny Friday {Week 4}

I guess we can’t take Baby C anywhere.  We went out to dinner and I totally forgot her diaper bag.  Mom fail!  I was just praying she wouldn’t have a poopy diaper.  Well, that was the least of my worries.  As we were ordering our dinner, Baby C thought it was appropriate to feel the male waiter up.  I was a bit embarrassed as I apologized and removed her hand from his southern region.

Peeled Snacks Review and Giveaway

When I first started my weight loss plan, my intentions were to look and feel good in my clothes.  But on my journey, it’s become so much more.  I feel better inside and out! And I’ve learned to try new foods that I never thought I would eat before.  My fruit and veggie intake has increased, as well.  That’s why I am so thrilled to share with you my newest sponsor, Peeled Snacks!

I received several samples from Peeled Snacks and they are delicious!  Pine-4-Pineapple is my favorite.  What I love about Peeled Snacks is that they are organic and provide a great source of vitamins and minerals with no added sugar.

Peeled Snacks are perfect for traveling.  Whether on the road or in the air, they are an easy, healthy and convenient snack for the whole family.  Before taking our impromptu road trip into the mountains, I grabbed a few packages of Peeled Snacks for my family to enjoy!

To learn more about Peeled Snacks, you can visit and purchase them at their WEBSITE.  Or follow them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.  Peeled Snacks are now available at STARBUCKS throughout the US and Canada!

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Kids Are Funny Friday {Week 3}

 I sing to Baby C repeatedly to help her learn new vocabulary and enhance phonemic awareness.  My singing is really awful and usually off key.  

As I was singing, This Little Light of Mine, Baby C began to clap.  I must of hit a note that I couldn’t reach, because before I knew it, she was holding her ears.

10 Months with Personality

At 10 months old, Baby C is thriving.

Height: 27″ 
Head: 18″
Weight: 19 lbs. and 4 oz.
She has moved on from pureed foods and loves table foods.  There isn’t much she won’t eat, but most of it usually ends up on the floor.
Baby C pulls herself up with ease and cautiously gets back down.  With her new found movement skills, she is into everything.

She has also taken on the task of doing the dishes.

Baby C has 4 teeth!
Her separation anxiety is starting to increase.  However, she is usually easily comforted.  
Baby C’s nap schedule changes everyday.  She used to be so consistant.  Thank goodness she continues to sleep  through the night.  Knock on wood.

And without further ado, here is Baby C’s spitfire personality!

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